We believe in music

Internet radio station for commercial use in public places. Let it sound.

In the cafe, restaurant, shop, hairdresser saloon, taxi, hotel, office, ice rink, amusement park, and fitness center – wherever Music helps your business.

Russian Innovation Company founded in year 2015

RED DUCK SERVICE — is an innovative music solution for public spaces on a complete legal basis.
We provide modern, popular and recognizable background music by Russian and foreign artists directly from the owner of the rights, available anytime, anywhere, free of rights-management organizations.

RED DUCK SERVICE — provides music day and night. The modern level of development of communication systems allows the use of all the features of the Internet virtually without limits.

RED DUCK SERVICE — provides music content for any place and space without additional technical expenses. Computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other existing device with Internet access and speakers will provide you a complete absence of silence.


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